Thursday, 28 August 2014

Take a minute and breathe

Why do we imprison ourselves?

I haven't written a word for a while, I've had a "writers block", as some would call it. However, I could not find anything to write about. Firstly, I know I do not write to please others. Secondly, it usually comes naturally to me... Almost flows away like a fast-moving river non stop until it reaches the sea. 

After a while, I realised it was not to do with finding inspirations or a topic to write. In fact, all I had to do was to STOP thinking and just write what floats around my mind(this sounds strange- almost like that little voice in our head).

I'm always trying to find something to keep me occupied; my mouth has to be constantly chewing or chatting, my hands have to have a pen, my phone or simply moving to a rhythm. Not forgetting my head-my mind- have to be constantly thinking. This led me to wonder around many questions;" am I losing my mind? Why can't I stop thinking? How can I relax?" Even asked myself, "who am I ?" 

I just could not write anything to inspire or motivate anyone else while I was feeling as if I was losing my own sanity. 

Hours passed, days passed, weeks passed and when I find myself extremely busy yet I'm laying in bed "doing nothing". This did not make anything sense to me. 

I had to find myself again, I wanted to feel "normal" again. I needed to calm myself. But, this is not how nature intended it to be. I needed to accept the fact that I NEED to fill the blank spaces. This is who I am.
I cannot leave an empty space, I fear emptiness taking over. The need to fill an empty moment or keeping myself busy was who I am. This discovery, as you could call it, made me embrace those blank spaces and accept the person I have changed into. 

What I have realised, no matter how much we want to be "normal" - there is no normal for everyone. We adapt and fit into situations, which some may disagree, this is who we are. No, you are not changing to be someone else, you are simply growing-not old- but wiser. The soul does not get old. It gets wiser and wiser. 

Throughout this piece of writing, I was referring to my soul,as my physical body cannot keep occupied or fill the blanks most of the times, which keeps growing and seeking for more by filling the blanks.

And to finish with, I may be weird or sound unsettled but I sure have accepted who I am. I do not want to please any more, I just need to keep filling my blank spaces to keep going. 

I had written this piece of writing in May but I could not bring myself to post it. 
Now that I feel I am back on track, look out for some summer travel pieces! 

Until next time, :D

Liebster Award

Hi everyone,
As I have been nominated by the gorgeous Malika Chady( ,the beauty guru, for the Liesbster Award. Your questions are quite fun to answer, therefore cannot wait! Here are the rules:
So the rules for this award are:

Make sure to link back to the blogger(s) that nominated you.
Answer all of the questions provided from blogger that nominated you.
Nominate 11 bloggers of your choice, who have under 200 followers.
Create 11 questions of your own, for the bloggers you nominate to answer.

One goal you would like to achieve in the future?
To be a teacher, wife and mother
( can I be cheeky and count this as one-haha)

Only 3 beauty products to last you the rest of your life, what would they be?
Mac Sculpt Foundation, Pro-long concealer, Red lipstick(any)
I would die without these three, no seriously.
Heels or Trainers? And why?
Heels. Simply because I can run, conquer and kill.
The best advice you've ever been given?
Be thankful for every small things.
The joy it brings you when you realise how blessed you are.
Go to hairstyle?
At this moment, it is a high pony tail as I desperately need a haircut. Usually, wash, dry and out of the door.
Why did you start your blog?
I love writing, and inspiring others with my writing. I guess, just to bring a smile on someone's else face when they read something that brings them comforts.
Celebrity crush?
Ah. JASON STATHAM. I have a whole list but Mr Statham at this moment is the ONE.
Who is your inspiration?
I cannot say one person because at one or another point of my life, my family and friends inspired in many different ways which I am truly thankful for.
Favorite place to shop?
Vintage boutique. And every single shopping mall, please. thanks.
Where is your ideal home location?
quiet, peaceful and surrounded by nature
Favorite perfume?
At the moment, -I changed perfumes depending on seasons- DKNY red delicious but all time fav is Mademoiselle Channel.

My questions to those are nominated:
What brings a smile to your face on a gloomy day?
If you had a chance to have a sneak peek into your future, would you take it? and why?
Lipstick or lipgloss?
Kindle/Kobo or Actual books? why?
Celebrity Crush?
Favourite make up brand?
Favourite country/Island?
Your usual first thoughts upon waking up?
one word to describe yourself?
Colours or Black white? why?
funny or pretty? 

I am pretty new and slacking behind with blogging therefore I don't know many bloggers but 
I nominate:
Sanah Khan
I will tag more bloggers after wards. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Failure only fails those who fail at failing!

 Is that confusing? Or am I just putting words together which makes no sense what so ever?

Re-read the first line again, perhaps it will become clearer now. Failure is not the end, I like to believe without big or small failures; none of us would be pushing and pulling ourselves through our lives, problems and dreams. For example, if a student sitting their first year exams of college and the results to those,sort of, terribly failed them. What would this do to the student? A few tears, couple drops of disappointment but also that adds to that rising desire to challenge themselves and push them to work their hardest; we all know the outcome of prodigious, hard and dedicated work  and that  to results to great success.

To most of my people, I come across as so organised and well maintained but the bold reality, I’m always failing. At almost anything and everything! However, due to my not-so-big ego, I do not share my failures therefore I only allow my success to seen by others. Otherwise, oh my! I disappoint myself in the littlest things. For instance, I promise myself every morning  that I would shut myself down by 11pm(deep sleep, eyes shut and brain switched off) however, I think I’m not the only one here, somehow EVERY night I fail to this simple promise to myself and I actually to go sleep in the early hours of the morning. Funnily enough, this is one of my foolish failures which I cannot seem to learn anything from!

Moving on, I cannot even name any more of my failures (too many to remember and way too embarrassing!) I have noticed so many others who become much stronger, almost unbreakable, after crashing down right to the bottom. This is where the quote (I know it is EVERYWHERE!) - “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” fits right in.

On the ending point, let not your failure fail you.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Your eyes are your oyster!

I've been asked by many, how do I pick a topic on what to write about? The answer is simple... 

Every day our eyes meet thousands of different views; small or big details, humans, animals, images and a lot more. I am a hundred per cent sure all of these have some sort of effect on how you feel throughout the day or night. How? It simple. For example, humans; you see your loved ones, how do you feel? Love right? Now if you were to be heart broken and unfortunately your eyes fall onto something which reminds you of that someone, or even if you happen to bump into them, how does that make you feel? (worst feeling ever! -I'd crawl back into my shell and hibernate)

Now, during morning journeys to work, school or wherever we tend to keep ourselves occupied (or just sleep!) and living in the 21st century where the generation of technology is expanding, we turn to our gadgets such as; phones, tabs etc. Then from there we tune into the world of social media, which is pretty limitless. Shocking news around the world, juicy gossips about our famous celebs, embarrassing pictures spreading vastly, hilariously vine videos with that cute little dog doing that funny little thing... It's all there in the palm of your hands!

We fail to realise how little we pay attention on those who inspire and alter our thinking. Surround yourself with all the goodness you want and voila! -you have it all! It's that simple! Your mind cannot be driven, but you can sketch out a map right away and watch it go.

As for myself, my inspirations are my eyes. Through these eyes, my world lives on.


Monday, 9 December 2013

Caught out? Take the easy way out, "white" lie!

Recently working with one of my students on her summarised version of a literature novel, I came across this argument; “is lying wrong?” Coincidentally, this had to do with the characters who either die with the truth out or live on with the lies. But do we face such situations in our non-fictional lives? Surely not… or am I wrong?

Every day we live through our daily lives lying in and out. A bucket fundraiser passes us, we are too lazy to go into our bags, purses or pockets for a little change so we say “sorry! no change” and move along onto the next lie.

Next, those with partners who unknowingly (or knowingly) flirt with others verbally or even physically then when asked “sweetheart, are you sincere to me”, and the automatic responses follows and this is where we helplessly use “white” lie to help us out. Is that considered as a “white” lie?

There are far more issues that we lie about-sometimes just to fit in for example “I was out all night, you know living it up” (reality, you were in bed; big, loose and comfy pyjamas, hot drinks, a soppy movie that pretty much sums it up) but are these truly serious lies? “I’m sure others lie much worse than I do” that’s what you are perhaps thinking, - I mean I do too- or “everyone does it so what?” However that “white lie” does not need to be used at all if the wrong/damage weren’t done in the first place. Why should you be embarrassed of your soppy movies and pyjamas nights? – I love them; they are cool in fact the coolest!

 Every time I’m about to make use of “white” lie, I think of the reasons and it is ALWAYS because I’ve messed up somewhere along and now I’m not courageous enough, I’m not brave enough or I’m not strong to face the consequences consequently I pick the easy way and lie my way out like digging myself out of a hole, which results in creating a much deeper hole (obviously), and later use “white” lie to justify.

Again back to the main question “is lying wrong?” I believe it is an easy way out for the cowards, other may disagree but “honestly” answer this question, I’m sure the response is already there and we all know what it is. I live in a modern society where the most outrageous, despicable and dreadful crimes is punished by only 25 years (life sentence)in prison- not death!- so what is the worst that can happen to you if you opt for the truth? Therefore I’m sure most of the times these little “white” lies could be evadible by simply mustering the courage to bear the consequences and tell the truth!